Saturday, July 14, 2007

Day 194 | July 14 2007 | 8 Eyed Spider

This is one spider man which smaller insects gotta be scared of.. the reason is simple.. he's got 8 eyes. I bet he has more than 360 vision. I was tracking this guy for more than an hour with my macro kit. He's made home in a palm plant in my balcony.

He tracked down his prey, a common house fly, ate it, and ran away out of sight. He was aware of my presence, but realised that I was no threat to him, and allowed me to watch the whole drama. Isn't this like cool National Geographic stuff.. well I like to think so :)


Anonymous said...

Very interesting nice picture.

Aditya, I have seen most of your photos and read all the articles including your Bike P220 adventures. Very happy and great to see your spirit and creativeness - Keep it up dude !!

Very Happy deepavali to you.


David Bowman said...

Cool Blog!

dykewife said...

it was wonderful seeing new places through the eyes of someone living there. i'm rather disappointed that the entries have stopped. i hope you continue this project someday.

i'm a beginning photographer and love seeing different points of view.

PSO Princess said...

I have to say, you have an amazing blog! I love the content, I just came across your blog on Bloggapedia and I rated you a 10. Great Job, I hope my blog one day will be as good, im just starting out, lol.

djingen said...

Hey really nice photos here!..

Welcome and check out my photoblog.. hope we can give eachother advice.. danny

nisemono3.14 said...

I love this picture montage.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

This is the first time that I knew that spider can have 8 eyes. THANKS

Anonymous said...

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aaaaaight said...

great photo!

Anonymous said...

really i am spell bound for ur photographic eye.
matching to ur vision it seems nature loves ur talent and so ur so called 8 eyed SPIDER MAN(?) is in ur balcony only so that u need not go behind the gardens and stuff to get the clues.

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FameofLight said...


Ver cool photos , I really love the way you capture them.